Ministry to Men

The goal of our Men's Ministry is to foster a strong foundation on the Lord for each of our men while developing friendships that spur and challenge each man in his walk with the Lord.


Ministry to Women

Our Ladies Ministry is one committed to nurturing healthy relationships between women and to develop solid relationships with the Lord.


Ministry to Children

We place great importance on the children in our ministry and create an environment that makes learning Bible truths fun and taught in a comprehensive way according their age levels.


Ministry to Youth

Our Youth Group meets together twice a month on Sundays. It's a great way for our youth to connect with each other in a fun and wholesome setting and learn Biblical truths to help them navigate through the teenage years.


Ministry to Seniors

Our Ministry to Seniors is a very active and vital part of our church body.


Worship Ministry

We have a dynamic worship community that combines contemporary worship music along with hymns to lead the church body into His presence.



We are a missions minded church and believe in sending out those amongst us to minister the love of Jesus within our US borders as well as to the uttermost parts of the world.


Elder of the Month

Our Elders of the month alternate among Alan Atherley, Duke Patterson, Zeke Lopez, and Peter Davis. The Elder of the month makes himself available for home and hospital visitations as well as for prayer and answering questions in God's Word. He can be contacted by calling the church at 775-751-8000.


Get Involved

These are some of the ministries we offer and there is always a place for you to be involved and serve in our body. If you have any questions about these ministries or would like more information on how to be involved please contact us. Please go to the calendar to see what is happening this month in each of these ministries.